Authentication with orcid?

Is it possible to use a tierce application to authenticate users, as Orcid, for example?



A third party application? Yes, we use django-allauth for logging in, so any of the sites it proviedes can be used. ORCID is one of the options:

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What is the redirect uri from oauth identification? It’s mandatory by Orcid to generate the credentials.

In FidusWriter, what are the parameters to fill in the social application?
I presume:
name: orcid

I have a problem to access to the documentation, docutils is installed in the server, but is not recognized by FidusWriter:

aptitude search docutils
v docutils -
i A docutils-common - Système de traitement de texte pour reStru
i A docutils-doc - Système de traitement de texte pour reStru
i python-docutils - Système de traitement de texte pour reStru
i python-pybtex-docutils-doc - documentation for pybtex-docutils
i python3-docutils - Système de traitement de texte pour reStru
i python3-pybtex-docutils - docutils backend for pybtex

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I don’t know what you want to do with docutils. You shouldn’t need it for anything Fidus Writer related as far as I am aware. Could you explain what you want to use it for.

As for the redirect URI - good question. I’;ve added a page to the wiki about that: .


Thanks for you response and the new doc. I’ll test it.

For docs, it’s because a button’ doc was available in the admin module, and I didn’t know if a specific doc was drafted.