Issues with track changes

When we cut and paste text, both using mouse and key board short-cuts, the color of the pasted text is not changed to indicate that it is a newly entered text. Thanking you in advance.

Thanks for reporting this issue. It has now been fixed in version 3.7.17 @cvr3

Thanks for fixing it.

I have one more point to make now. After inserting some text, if the same person who inserted it happens to delete a part of it, the deletion now appears as track change. I can understand that this could be something to do with the collab action. As soon as someone inserts some text and the other collaborator starts to delete the same text it should appear for him as a deteted chunk, but if the owner of the inserted text deletes it at some point, I feel, he should have the freedom to do it.

Thanks. Rajagopal

@cvr3 You are right. This has been fixed in 3.7.21.