Chicago Manual of Style 17t Edition (Note) - loses citation info

When I change the citation style of a document written in the Standard Article Template from Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (author-date) to Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note) the citation information in the footnote vanishes. You can see this in the examples of the same text uploaded:

I’ve also noticed this happen when experimenting with different templates and trying to use citation styles that rely on titles for citations, rather an author-date.

Hey @J.J_Meggitt,
the information is not lost - you can switch back to another citation style, and the citation information will show up again.

The issue here is that it’s not clear how you want the citations rendered: You created footnotes yourself and then put the inline citations inside of those, correct? Is that because you wanted to emulate a citation style that operates with notes rather than inline citations? Or is it because you wrote something in the footnote and you need a second footnote for the citation? Or maybe we should just render the citation inline in case it is in a footnote already?

Advice on how to best handle these cases would be appreciated.

Thank you. Yes, I can see that the citation information isn’t lost if I change the citation style back to author date. And yes, what I wanted to do was put the citation as Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note) in a footnote I created. Normally this would be - for a book - the author and a short title, and whatever page is referenced. Here is an example of what it would look like, using Libre Office with Zotero.

The problem I have is that when I change to a ‘note’ form of Chicago (or similar citation styles that use titles) the citation information disappears.

I see. Yes, that is not a good situation. I will see what I can do about it.

@J.J_Meggitt This has been fixed in version 3.9.26 which is now available on and everywhere else later today.

Thank you so much! I really was not expecting such a swift a resolution but I am extremely grateful as I was just beginning to use Fidus Writer in earnest.

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No problem! The text samples you posted looked like they were part of a serious project, so I thought I better hurry up and get this fixed.

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