Cut and pasting text with footnotes between documents

At present if you cut and paste some text that includes footnotes from one fidus writer document to another, the footnotes do not display in a manner that is consistent with those already in the document (although the citation details are added to the bibliography). It would be really helpful if you could cut and paste such material seamlessly. Example attached.

True @J.J_Meggitt ,
but in part this happens to you because you use the citation/footnotes features in an unusual combination. You want to have citations show up as footnotes. What one would usually do is choose a citation style that has citations as footnotes and then just add the citations in the main doc. You seem to instead create a footnote manually and then add a citation inside of that footnote. If you do it the default way, the citations will be copied correctly.

That being said, I will also fix it for users using footnote citations the way you do as it seems more common to do that than what I had anticipated.

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You are right and I can see how this problem would not affect many users of Fidus Writer. However, if it is possible to make this change, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

This has been fixed in version 3.11.7.

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Thanks. That’s really helpful.