Epub export issues

(1) The Epub file created by exporting a document does not contain citations in the footnotes. These are blank although in the original document (and its bibliography) they are present. Non-citation text does display in the footnotes.

(2) No Epub file is created when exporting a book. The ‘initiating’ blue box appears but then there appears to be no output. Other export options create files.

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Hey @J.J_Meggitt,
I have been able to find a solution for 1. I have not been able to reproduce 2. Does this happen to you with every book? Does the book need to have anything specific that you know about for this issue to occur?

I will wait with creating a new release with the solution for 1 until I know whether 2 can be fixed as well.

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Thanks for finding a solution to 1. That’s really helpful.
I have just tried problem 2 with some alternative chapters, and the epub output has worked fine this time. If I hit the problem again, I’ll let you know and see if I can give you more data to work with.

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A version 3.10.6 with a fix for issue 1 has been released.