FidusWriter integration with Jenaway

Hello all,
Knowing that FidusWriter and Jenaway open source publishing platform use Python I would ask, is there any work going on with the aim to integrate them?

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Hey @opus, yes I would think that should be possible. They even use the same framework (Django) Somehow I had missed the creation of Janeway, even though I follow Martin Paul Eve on Twitter.

Looking at the website, it looks quite interesting. How would you suggest to integrate the two tools? Does it include a text editor as well? Is it production ready or is it at an experimental stage?

I am not affiliated in any way with Janeway development team, but also following Martin and the second developer Andy on Twitter.
I tried local instal of Janeway and it is very good. Take a look Orbit Journal.That have HTML editor but only for formatting web pages. No editor of any kind for manuscripts.
They are also developing JATS workflow, already can display it, so maybe similar integration to that one which you had with OJS could work.