Find and replace (Firefox)

I am still 'playing" (actually working) with FW, and I need to perform a standard “find and replace” in the text, but I cannot do it successfully (I installed a couple of extensions, without success).

For info:

  • I am running FW in Firefox 70.0.1 (64-bit), on a Kubuntu 18.04 LTS system.
  • I tried to open FW in Chromium but it “gets crazy” and enters in an endless loop in “browser checking” so I decided to stay with my favorite Firefox (I do prefer not to install Chrome, if possible).

Hey @guidogorgoni

Fixed in 3.7.14 - you can now run it in Chromium as well.

Yes, you are right. The browser has no built-in functionality to do this, so we will need to put it on the list of future features to develop for Fidus Writer.