Find and replace (Firefox)

I am still 'playing" (actually working) with FW, and I need to perform a standard “find and replace” in the text, but I cannot do it successfully (I installed a couple of extensions, without success).

For info:

  • I am running FW in Firefox 70.0.1 (64-bit), on a Kubuntu 18.04 LTS system.
  • I tried to open FW in Chromium but it “gets crazy” and enters in an endless loop in “browser checking” so I decided to stay with my favorite Firefox (I do prefer not to install Chrome, if possible).

Hey @guidogorgoni

Fixed in 3.7.14 - you can now run it in Chromium as well.

Yes, you are right. The browser has no built-in functionality to do this, so we will need to put it on the list of future features to develop for Fidus Writer.

Hey @guidogorgoni - Fidus Writer 3.8 now has a search and replace dialog that also works well with tracked changes.

Thank you @johanneswilm great new!
I will give it a try soon.

I had to switch to other solutions in these last weeks in order to collaborate with colleagues who where at ease with “new” products (anything different from MS Word, basically).

By the way, I was surprised to notice how another authoring system specifically conceived for academics was lacking even more essential features (namely insert page number to references!).

Fidus Writer rocks, please keep on going this way !
…and adding the fantastic extra features users are asking :wink: