How Fiduswriter should look after installation

I installed Fiduswriter on my server and this is what I got:

This is not how Fiduswriter should look, is it?

@crump-ette No, that doesn’t look right. Which version is this? And how did you install it?

I installed the latest version on my server running Debian 10, using this guide: as it seemed the easiest for me.

Maybe you all guys are super-intelligent and installing and using FW seems obvious to you, but I have problems getting Fiduswriter to run. Shouldn’t that be the focus of FAQ?

I just want to run it permanently on my server and collaborate on writing papers with others, seems that there is no easy way of doing that, at least for me… :worried:

Haha. No, I’m asking how you installed as there are now different paths to get there (Ubuntu Snap, Docker or the developer’s installation you chose) and I can give you the best help if I understand which of those methods you used.

What is missing in your case are the icons. Let me try to go through that guide and see if I can think of anything that would cause the icons to not appear.

Actually, if you run the Ubuntu Snap (which also should run on Debian), it should pretty much be able to administrate itself, including update to the newest version whenever there is a new release. Is there any particular reason why you choose not to use the Snap?

Hey again,
I tried the instructions and it works for me, so I’m not sure what happened in your case. Somehow it doesn’t serve some css files. Did you get error messages at any stage? Is using the snap an option for you, or is your goal to develop Fidus Writer?