JATS export last page (lpage) data does not appear

Dear @johanneswilm

When I export a full-text and cited article in JATS format, the last page’s data does not appear in each reference in the bibliography. Can you help me?

Bibliography sample:

JATS XML sample:

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Hey @firatakin , I am investigating this issue now. It comes down to some details of the Citation Style Language.

Hey @firatakin ,
I see there is a general problem with how we do the bibliography in JATS. I will try to see whether it is possible to rewrite that code for Fidus Writer 3.11.

Interestingly, <lpage> is not listed as one of those elements that are to be used according to JATS “best practices”, whereas <fpage> is [1]. However, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t tag it. Are there other elements there that you would want?

[1] Element: Element Citation

Hello @johanneswilm

Thank you for your quick response. The “lpage” tag is enough for me. I’m looking forward to the new release.

Hey @firatakin,
this has been fixed in version 3.11 which can be tried out at fiduswriter.com and will be available everywhere else within a few days.