LaTeX export to Overleaf

Dear @johanneswilm,

I have tried to write in the fiduswriter and I manage that part easily after I exported my paper into LaTeX with the corresponding bibliography so I could use it with my class file. For LaTeX editor I use overleaf.
By doing that I encountered two problems. Firstly LaTeX code did not compile in Overleaf.
Could you please give me some instructions on what packages must be used or a hint what
I am doing wrong?
The second problem is with my bibliography file, it is in a form I am not familiar with.
There are First Name and Last Nama brackets, different from standard bib file. Again it seems to me that Overleaf doesn’t recognize its style.
How can I solve this issue so I can obtain the bib file in the usual format?


Hey @opus ,
I do know Overleaf, but it’s not a site I have been using myself beyond some basic testing. So I don’t really know what packages they provide. The packages that your paper requires when it comes out of Fidus Writer are the ones listed with the \usepackage{} commands. We try to use as few packages as possible, so it is only using those packages that are actually needed for the content you have produced.

The bib file format is fairly standard and has been supported by the biblatex package for several years. I would have expected for Overleaf to also support it. Maybe write to their support if they don’t? I really think they should support it as the old format really was problematic when it came to differentiating all the parts of complex names.

If you know how to code, you could also use our converter: . The biblatex exporter has an option called traditionalNames which will output the names the old way.

In general, this sounds like a shortcoming on the part of Overleaf.