Minor point - Case Protect on Series title?

The case protect option is excellent on the ‘Title’ etc but it would be good to have it as an option on ‘Series Title’ as well.

the fields we have and what styling they accept are supposed to follow the CSL and BibLaTeX standards. However, I noticed there have been some updates since last time this was updated and I am investigating whether it is possible to add case protection for series titles.

Thanks. It’ll be helpful, if possible.

Looking at CSL, this seems to be possible. I am a bit unsure whether it [1] is actually working as a a standard as I seem to see slightly different information different places. I will also need to do some tests with biblatex.

I also surveyed the citation styles available in the Zotero database. Common fields that have title case in addition to those we already provide seem to be series and journaltitle. There may be more fields.

[1] https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/blob/master/schemas/input/csl-data.json

Yes. That makes sense. Thanks.

Hey @J.J_Meggitt ,
this has been fixed in version 3.11 which can be tried out at fiduswriter.com and will be available everywhere else within a few days.

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