Now cannot connect with local instance on Chrome

When I try to access the local instance of Fidus Writer on my desktop (http://localhost:4386/), I am now met with a screen that says I am disconnected. Reloading the page do not reconnect. It was working fine until recently. I’ve noticed that Firefox still works fine, so I presume some update on Chrome has caused a problem. Any suggestions?

I am not aware of anything in the newer Chrome that should cause this. Which version of Chrome are you running?

The app is being cached in your browser. You could try to purge the app from the cache and reload. You can try to do that by hard resetting (CMD + Shift + R on a Mac or CTRL + Shift + R on Windows). If that does not work, try to delete it this way: Right click on the localhost:4386 webpage. In the menu that shows up, click on “Inspect”. In the panel hat now shows up, click on the tab “Application” and within that on “Storage”. In the storage section there should be a button saying “Clear site data”. Click that button and after it is done purging the cache, reload the page. lety me know if that works.

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Thanks. That works. Much appreciated.