Setting up a conference template with Fidus Writer

Hi, first I wish to say a big thank you for bringing this tool to the world!

I write to know regarding how one can go about setting up a conference template with Fidus Writer. For example, the IEEE double-column conference template: IEEE template. I tried my luck at the template editor, I could set up a few things like adding abstract, keyword options and so on, but is it possible to setup such a template using the template editor and export to Latex in this double-column format?

Hey @vishnu3333 ,
we have template engines for DOCX, ODT and HTML outputs. We don’t have LaTeX templates - everything comes out according to one specific format.

The HTML template can also be used to influence how the document looks in the browser while the document is being edited so that the end product looks similar to what it looks in the browser. However, we we have found it is not normally a good idea to try to use more than a single column while editing, as it will mean that the cursor has to go up and down repeatedly and overall the process is just too slow. For that reason, we recommend creating templates that show up as single column in the editor and multi-column in the final output.

Let me know if you need help with any of that.