I am not able to find the command to set parts of the text as superscript or subscript. Do I miss something obvious?

That is right. There is no subscript/superscript in the main editor as users generally used that for stylistic purposes, not to communicate meaning. There is sub/superscript within the citation manager because there it is a required element. There is also the option to add numbers such as ², ³, ⁴, etc. using the unicode symbols.

What is it you want to communicate using sub/superscript? I think that is the way to start figuring out how we can provide that.

In my academic context, subscript and superscript are mainly needed for isotopic notation in different variation, e. g. 𝛿13Ccollagen (“13” superscript and “collagen” subscript).

I see. Googling around for it, it seems like that naming convention is not exactly internet friendly so that just about every text on the web gets the final output wrong. That is very unfortunate, but unless that naming convention is changed or the unicode characters for all letters are added [1], we probably need to support it in some way. Let me think about how to do that.


You can actually do it now by using an inline formula, Use ^ for superscript and _ to enter subscript mode.

This indeed does the trick! I can perfectly live with this solution. Thank you!