Using math formula or special character in figure legends

I’m an academic. For now, I’ve been using fidus writer to write some small collaborative documents, not requiring too much complicated math.
To write more complex academic publication in physics, I feel like at least one details is currently missing: the possibility to insert math formula and special characters in figures legend.
Would it be easy to implement ? Is it not possible for a special reason ? In my field, it is current buisness that the figures legends have a lot of definition inside them, leading to at least some easy math formula and special characters
Darius Mofakhami

the Fidus Writer editor is not the problem. We would have to change how you enter the caption text and that would require some effort, but it should work.

What I am more concerned with are all the export formats. I am not sure those will all work. This we would need to investigate before adding such a feature.

Hey @Darius,
could you give me some examples of formulas you need to insert? In bibliography entries you can currently not insert formulas, but you can use sup and sub to set text above or below the normal line level (which you cannot do in the body text).

If you were to choose between having sub/sup and formula support in labels, which would make most sense for you?

Hi Johannes,
Sub and sup would just be a very small part of what is necessary. From my point of view there is a real need for formula support, in order to be able to name the mathematical /physics quantities, defined in the manuscript, in the figure labels/captions as well.

Ok, I’ll see what I can do.

Hey @Darius, Fidus Writer 3.9 now supports adding formulas, etc. in the caption.

Hi @johanneswilm! That’s great to hear!
I’ve tested and liked it! However, when I later export in LaTeX, the equations inside figure and table captions are transcripted differently: special latex characters are exported so that they appear as characters and not editing markup. Here is an example :
If I have an inline equation in the body text that writes the temperature T with “max” as a subscript, the export gives $T_{max}$ which is the correct LaTeX code
If I, however, have now the same inline equation in a figure or table caption, it is rendered as
with the antislash symbol “” telling LaTeX to use the following symbol as a real character instead as an editing markup.
“$” then does not specify an equation but directly display a “$”
same for “_” that display an underscore instead of telling LaTeX that the following symbol should be displayed in subscript
same for “{” and “}” that display a left and right braces instead of delimiting the symbols that are included in the subscript.

I hope I have been as clear as possible. Don’t hesitate if you need more information.
Thanks for your work,

Sorry for late reply. This sounds like a bug. I’ll take a look.

@Darius Fixed in Fidusi Writer 3.9.23.

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